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Jacksonville Water Softeners & Water Filtration Systems

Exclusively featuring the United Standard Hydro 5 by United Distributors Inc!

Proudly serving the following areas:

• Jacksonville & Duval County
• Nocatee, St Augustine & St Johns County
• Yulee, Fernandina & Nassau County
• Kingsland, St Mary’s & Camden County

Jacksonville Water SoftenersWe now proudly offer the best water softener and water treatment systems available featuring the Fifth generation of the “Hydro” processor line called the “Hydro 5”. After 56 years of innovation and PROVEN track record we have made another improvement to the already vastly successful 4 function “Hydro Quad”. We have recently added a fifth function utilizing Catalytic Carbon to remove “Chlorimides” (caused by the addition of ammonia to the chlorine systems in municipalities water treatment systems) and to help eliminate H2S (sulfur gasses). The “water softeners” and “water processors” we distribute and install here at Home Owner’s Water Solutions Inc. are all LIFETIME GUARANTEED and PORTABLE! Over the last 56 years, we have become the TOP RANKED water softening company in the United States for good reason. Our systems do what we say they will, save more than they cost and never need to be replaced!

Here at HOWS, Inc. clean, pure, softened, processed water is our only business. No fads, no gimmicks or “EASY” claims. We offer the best equipment available, at the best price, with the BEST AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, VERIFIABLE track record to back it up!

There are over 75 THOUSAND HAPPY CUSTOMERS right here in North Florida and South Georgia that will testify to the value of pure, healthy, (not just softened) “Conditioned” water. Best of all. you can call any of them to verify our claims!

Get a unique, patented, water treatment system installed same or next day that does the whole job, pays for itself and is lifetime guaranteed! Get started today and be on clean water by tomorrow! Call Home Owner's Water Solutions Inc. now!

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Water Softening Tips
3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying:

1st: Traditional softeners are “Made to Fail”. We replace hundreds of failed “traditional softeners” each year! Planned obsolescence is what most companies depend on for future business! Think about it, they make their equipment out of plastic; guarantee them for 1 to 5 years for a reason and charge somewhere between two and ten thousand dollars for their systems. All you end up with is a failed system sitting out by the street wasting your hard earned money.


2nd: We will pay you $50.00 to let us prove to you how you can avoid making a very expensive mistake! For over 50 years now, there’s been a better approach: Our patented, state-of-the-art 5 function water softener systems will deliver clean “processed” water every time, for a lifetime and since it fully pays for itself, it is the most economical choice! Since 1979 locally and since 1966 nationally, our systems have been the #1 pick for smart consumers BECAUSE THEY WORK!


3rd: Our Lifetime Guarantee can be verified by speaking to one of our TENS OF THOUSANDS of customers who have had our system anywhere from 5 to 40+ years! No other water softening equipment has a track record with over 70,000 installations that you can actually speak with right here in the Southeastern United States, usually a friend, coworker, neighbor or relative!

Areas We Service

We proudly serve residents and businesses throughout Northern Florida, including the communities of Jacksonville, Jacksonville's Beaches, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, Yulee, Callahan, Orange Park, Fernandina Beach, and Amelia Island. In Georgia we serve all of Camden County including Kingsland, St. Marys, Folkston, Woodbine and Brunswick!

Jacksonville Water Softeners
Home Owner's Water Solutions
North Florida: (904) 524-9500
South Georgia: (912) 882-9313


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