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Tired of Constantly Replacing Your Water Softener?

Before you go out and purchase a “bargain” or “expensive” water softener, there are a few things we feel you would benefit from knowing. By the way, these are things the water treatment industry as a whole doesn’t want you to know! Think about it, there’s a reason for that!  Is your water softener not working properly? Have you purchased two or three or more softeners in your lifetime? Are you somewhat confused with all of the misinformation and “options” available? Traditional softeners are “Made to Fail”, plus, they only do one thing, soften your water (hopefully)! Planned obsolescence is what most companies depend on for future business! They make their equipment out of plastic, guarantee them for 1 to 5 years (if you’re lucky) and charge two, three, four and sometimes up to ten thousand dollars for their systems. All you end up with is a failed system sitting out by the street that costs thousands of dollars to replace. Here at HOWS Inc. we want to help you navigate the in and outs of water treatment. We do this because we are sure, after over 30 years of doing things right and listening to our customers, we have found a better way for you to invest your hard earned money. We also feel that if we answer your questions and can prove our claims through verifiable customers then we have a better shot at earning your business!

Jacksonville Water Softeners

The patented “Hydro Quad” water treatment system is guaranteed for life and is not just a softener!  IT IS a “water conditioner” that does the whole job. This entire water treatment system is also completely portable, so if you move, your system moves with you making it a once in a lifetime investment! Not only will this full treatment system soften your water, but it refines, clarifies, and filters your water as well. It pays for itself very quickly by saving the average family between $120.00 and $150.00 each month and we can prove it! Stop replacing your out dated water softener and let us come test your water today. Once you are able to see for yourself with no smoke and mirrors just how valuable “conditioned” water is, we feel most people will choose not to continue to waste their money in the future. This treatment system has been perfected for over 47 years, and the best part of any of our claims is that you don’t have to take our word for it. Referrals make up a large part of our business and we treat each customer with the care and respect that they deserve! With over 55 thousand units installed locally, we have used positive word of mouth as our main advertising focus and company mission! 

Hard water can have far-reaching effects, especially when it's used throughout your entire home. Just like its name says, it's literally hard on everything. Hair and skin can become dry and damaged. Kitchen utensils and flatware look dirty and spotty. Plumbing takes a beating and costly repairs are constantly necessary. Hard water ruins our appliances and fixtures wasting even more money and household cleaning is an ongoing nightmare. Hard water definitely leaves its mark. So, what's the solution? A complete water treatment system from Home Owner's Water Solutions, Inc.!

No water softener can do all that the Hydro-Quad® Does!

Jacksonville Water SoftenersThe Hydro-Quad® provides more value because it not only softens; it "conditions" water in a unique patented four part system.

The Four-Part System Includes:

Jacksonville Water Softeners Quartz Resin Filter
Jacksonville Water Softeners Clarifying Resin
Jacksonville Water Softeners Refining Resin
Jacksonville Water Softeners Softening Resin


System Benefits

The "Hydro-Quad®" comes with a “TRUE” lifetime guarantee! Concerned about cost? Don't be! This system saves so much on maintenance, chemical consumption, and repairs that it quickly pays for itself!

Additional Benefits of a Complete System Include:

Jacksonville Water Softeners Hair and skin feel Softer, Cleaner, and Fresher
Jacksonville Water Softeners Reduces your maintenance costs dramatically
Jacksonville Water Softeners Soaps lather better, showers, baths, and toilets are no longer a nightmare to clean      
Jacksonville Water Softeners Less chemical consumption throughout your home making it more environmentally friendly    
Jacksonville Water Softeners Appliances and pipes last longer and need less repairs    
Jacksonville Water Softeners Entire system is Completely Portable! Take it with you wherever you live!    
Jacksonville Water Softeners Never have to buy drinking and cooking water again

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